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Join Children's Health Investment Program's (CHIP) The First 2,000 campaign, a unique opportunity to help all children thrive and move out of poverty. With just 2,000 days between birth and the first day of kindergarten, it is critical to invest in every child's potential. What happens in the first 2,000 days will have an impact for the rest of their life. Research shows home visiting programs, like, CHIP are the most effective tool to ensuring all children have everything they need to get most out of their first 2,000 days of life. Our program provides evidence-based home visiting for vulnerable children living in poverty under the age of 5 and their families. Dollar for dollar the success of the CHIP program proves it's the best investment for a kid's future!

Did you know?

  • 2 in 5 children in Hampton Road live in poverty.
  • 40% of children living in poverty arrive at kindergarten unprepared
  • A child living in poverty is 70% more likely to drop out of high school.
  • A child living in poverty 70% more likely to commit a violent crime by age 18.

However, by investing in CHIP of South Hampton Roads, the statistics will change… their stories will change and our community's future will be bright!

By becoming one of The First 2,000 investors and raising a minimum of $2,000, you support critical services provided by CHIP that lays the foundation for a child's future health, academic and workplace success.

You stand behind the belief that all children deserve the same opportunity to have a vibrant future.

You understand we all have a vital role to play to ensuring a healthy future for our community.

You know that it starts with investing in our kids, although they may be little, you get the BIG picture!

We are truly grateful that you have stepped forward to lead us in our mission to help make a child's first 2,000 days a success! So let's great ready to … have fun, raise money and help kids! For more information on CHIP please click here.
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